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Effective Communication Tools 

Cadence Silicon Valley - Women's Brand w
* Remote format available *

We share our C.A.R.E Principles toolbox so that you can clearly communicate internally and in the matrix in order to:

  • Build positive interactions and position bad news productively

  • Align and understand deliverables and successful outcomes

  • Set clear expectations and manage time

  • Be proactive, raise red flags and not abuse emails

  • Improve your EQ & listening skills.


Our C.A.R.E Principles can also be applied to:

  • Customer communications

  • Meaningful Meetings.

We offer half-day, full-day and executive management workshops, which are all tailored to the needs of each group.


Please click here to understand the C.A.R.E Principles toolbox methodology more fully.

Remote Team Realities


Businesses rely on the digital arena to connect with global branches in both our teams and company at large.This workshop helps you to inspire and lead remote team members so that:

  • They deliver and engage actively in teamwork

  • Close the gap of miscommunication

  • Clarify ownership of accountability

  • You inspire all team members to feel involved and work like the unit they are, even if they are miles away!

​This workshop shares camera techniques and facilitator tips how to create interactive and engaged meetings. Inspiring your remote people to offer inputs and opinions as if they were in the room.

Build Your Personal Brand

coaching brand.jpg

Valuable to:

  • Anyone interested in career growth

  • Leadership Brand

  • Team Brand (e.g. Professional Services, teams taking on new functions, moving from product to service functions)

  • Women’s Career Growth (In Tech or other industries).


This platform empowers you to raise your profile, creating professional visibility and influence, internally and externally. This enables you to tap into opportunities and buy in that will position you within your team, matrix, company or industry as a key player. 


We will share various mindset shifts, exercises and tools to open doors to career growth and success through business opportunities that arise. 

Our format is highly interactive with partner exercises and group discussions included.

Objectives of this workshop include:

  • Creating insight and awareness of your personal brand in the workplace

  • Using tools to recognise, creating opportunities and positioning your strengths as valuable

  • Improving your approach and language to better position success

  • Getting buy-in to your ideas and maximizing your time

  • Minimizing damaging your brand and repairing it when you do!

* Remote format available *

Team & Diverse Communications

team + diverse.jpg
Leaders lumina.png

“Man know thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe and God.” ~ Pythagoras.

In today’s dynamic, global and customer obsessed work environment IQ plus EQ  is essential.  To get others to buy in to what we want, we must understand our strengths and weaknesses. If we understand ourselves clearly, we know how to build stronger bridges with those who are different or diverse.

This team workshop has two areas of focus:

  1. First, each person receives a personal assessment of their communication strengths and weaknesses from the Lumina Spark Profile Tool. This is followed by personal 1:1 session, tailoring your goals and actions to strengthen your communication and leadership.

  2. Our Foundation Team Workshop will focus on building stronger relationships that have influence to benefit teams, colleagues and clients.

As a team, you will gain insight and tools on how to:

  • Communicate and influence stakeholders

  • Build stronger collaboration for execution and delivery

  • Learn how to keep relationships productive under pressure.

The aim of the workshop is to:

  • Help managers and teams to align their personal goals with shared goals (Big Picture Thinking)

  • Understand how to get the best from your teammates by setting them up for success

  • Effectively influence our clients and stakeholders by communicating in their language

  • Identify how best to communicate productively in everyday interactions and under pressure.


Lumina Spark is often reused in a variety of workshops at different stages in the team’s development. Session can be done remotely, as well as in person. Learn more about our methodology >>

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