Remote Learning

Inspire Through Challenge For Leaders

The UNKNOWN is one of the major challenges for Managers right now.


How do you lead if you are not sure what is happening one day to the next?

How do you keep your team focused, delivering and not distracted or anxious?

How do you ensure you are adapting as quickly as you need to be?

In this Tea Time Learning, Marisa shares useful Mindsets and practices to keep your team focused, motivated and supported.


• Mindset Tools: Shift and focus your mindset to lead others productively

• Productive Approaches: 2 Key Conversations you can have to focus your team  

• Action Forward: 2 ways to ‘unfreeze’ people and empower them to move things forward

Tea Time Learning: 35 minutes @ 16h00 IL Time on Wednesday 1st April. Open to Public.

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