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Lumina Spark

The Lumina Spark is a scientific online profile tool showing your strengths, how to further maximise them and areas of weakness (especially under pressure). It deepens the understanding of your behavior and how to connect with a range of diverse people.

Each person goes online, fills out the questionnaire and receives their own personal Lumina Spark profile.                                                                

It can be used for team sessions or individual coaching.

The tool measures three different states of your communication:

  1. Relaxed: Your natural strengths in your comfort zone

  2. Formal: How effectively you use those strengths in everyday, formal situations

  3. Overextended: Where these strengths can turn into weakness under pressure.


It measures four key areas:

1.    Big Picture Thinking

2.    Outcome Focus

3.    People Skills

4.    Details and Delivery.


Outcomes are:

  • Self-Knowledge

  • Building Rapport Quickly

  • Valuing Diversity

  • Co-creating Results.


Team Benefits:

  • Understanding Team Strengths

  • Assessing Team Gaps causing inefficiency

  • Aligning current team behaviour to better deliver on strategy.

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* Remote format available *
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The C.A.R.E Principles

The C.A.R.E Principles identify four core areas and key tools that are pivotal in mastering your ability to communicate clearly while creating long-lasting relationships.

​It taps into practical ways in which to successfully communicate in your day-to-day interactions with clients, internal stakeholders, team members and managers.  

C.A.R.E stands for:


​C – Connect positively: celebrate success with others / position the positive / deliver bad news productively.

A – Add context: give the why / ask the relevant questions / manage expectations.

R – Reach out: pick up the phone / break the silence (visibility through email) / be proactive.

E – Engage with empathy: listen / value diversity / personal touch to build relationships.



There are four different focuses for the C.A.R.E. Principal Toolbox:


C.A.R.E. to Connect:

General Population toolbox for internal delivery


C.A.R.E. 4 Customers:    

Sales & Services teams customer toolbox

C.A.R.E. to Lead:              

Communication toolbox for Leaders


C.A.R.E. to Coach:            

Tools for Managers to coach attitude and performance.


*Each toolbox above will have tailored tools for

these specific situations.

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CARE Principles
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