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When I joined Marisa’s Personal Branding workshop, I immediately understood how different and impactful her session is. Marisa is a well-articulated lecturer, who makes a valuable point in every sentence. She was able to influence my way of thinking about how I should conduct and speak about myself in different settings. Days after the session I challenged myself with the exercises that Marisa proposed, which are not easy at all, and she was kind enough to provide me with feedback on the spot which says a lot about how much she cares about her work. Big Like.

Yariv Hammer

Head of AT&T Foundry (Israel)


Growing a company and a team is challenging task for any CEO. Although one could be experienced, still it is all about people and building a new team means new challenges, which differ from past experience. Working with Marisa was a mind opening experience. Marisa has the ability to quickly learn the scene, analyze the strength and weak points and build an actionable track that helps oneself improve self management, team building and team interaction. Highly recommend working with Marisa for those who are first time CEOs or those who feel and understand they need an external reflection and feedback


Ronen Yehoshua



Allon Moaz

VP Strategic Accounts &

Business Management



Marisa is a gifted consultant and team training facilitator. She is able to work on complex global team challenges, understand main drivers and root cause challenges and then build a team training program to drive fruitful discussion and recommendations of tools and needed leadership capabilities to help bridge between different cultural approaches and views.


Ravit Mann-Yagil

Director of Engagement &

Technical Solutions


I have been working with Marisa for the past 2 years. We have recently completed a leadership program led by the amazing Marisa and although our last session was over a few months ago, Marisa's spirit is still taking part of our ongoing management team work and processes. The objective was to help prepare us as leaders for scaling our teams – internally and globally, bring more collaboration + knowledge sharing to our leadership. As well as getting our teams to be more empowered and pro-active. Marisa's mentoring created consciousness and provided tools that our team uses daily. It has become a part of how we behave, our daily language and who we are as a team. I am certainly looking forward to our next adventure together.

Marisa is an amazing mentor and facilitator! It was a pleasure to work with her. She knows how to ask the right question to make you think. I found a lot of value in our conversations and would definitely recommend her as a business coach.

Lisa Zaythik

Chief People Officer


LISA Z.jpeg

Shira Shacham

Cyber Security &

Digital Trust Manager


I had the pleasure of working with Marisa when I invited her to talk in front of our Cyber Security women forum. Marisa made sure she knows exactly what our expectation from the session are and customized it to our needs. She was super prepared, very flexible and easy to work with. The lecture itself was a great success. In her charismatic way, Marisa was able to relate to the audience, making some very memorable taking points. For 2 hours no one touched their mobile phone, and there was plenty of nodding in the crowed…. Thank you, Marisa, look forward working with you in the future.


Danielle Vardin

International Tax Manager


Marisa is an extraordinary professional. I first met her at a branding workshop in my office, it was 3 hours well spent. Every single sentence of Marisa brought value to the persons in the room. She provided practical work plan, together with examples and stories to demonstrate the main ideas. Marisa is articulate, precise, and very practical. She thought us how to use tools like Linkedin and other networks to communicate our value proposition, how to build our brand and maintain it, and provided very practical tips. The workshop encourages us to act, on such an important yes often neglected topic. Best of all – she always smiles, it's contagious.


Multinational, Multicultural corporate communications can sometimes resemble a modern Telenovela: between the emotions, intrigue and fast paced plot changes, you sometimes want to switch a channel, or at least pause for breath during the commercials. I've had the pleasure and enormous fun of working with Marissa on some aspects of corporate communications. Between the Mr Bean +Monty Python references and the tears (due to laughter), we got a lot accomplished in a short time - it is amazing how many insights you can reach when you just openly talk to someone about those things. I hope and plan to use her in the future for some of my group members as well.

Tsvi Lev

Head of


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