Topics include:

Build Your Personal Brand

This platform empowers you to raise your profile, creating professional visibility and influence internally and externally.

What’s Your SuperPower?

This takes a look at your natural abilities within the workplace that help to raise your corporate profile.

4 Ways To Connect and Influence Easily

An interactive lecture where you will learn your style of communication, and understand how others communicate. You will also learn how to adapt your style so that it fits into diverse situations. All of this will help you forge new solid relationships.

Leadership Insights for Scaling Your Business

Scaling your company means your pipeline has increased, so has your employee headcount - great news! Unfortunately, more people can mean more potential dropped balls, 

miscommunication and unhappy customers. How do you keep employees engaged with the crazy workload? How do you keep the customer experience personal? Find out our 3 Mindsets & Tools!

Women’s Leadership & Career Insights

Many corporate women find it hard to balance work, motherhood and life. We help to navigate the issues by having important discussions while learning some valuable practical tips you can use on a daily basis.

Caring Is the New Selling:

This series of lectures focuses on improving your team’s ability to communicate successfully with your clients and customers.


There are three to choose from:

1. Build your Personal Brand with Customers:

    Inspire Confidence and Loyalty​


2. Four Ways to Get What you Want With Care:

    Customer Diversity in Sales


3. C.A.R.E To Connect:

    Keep Customers Long-Term.​