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Creating Clearer


Speak Easy Provides

Effective Communication Strategies


Leaders, Managers & Teams

With improved communication you'll:

  • Connect successfully with customers

  • Collaborate & adapt to change better

  • Improve productivity under pressure

  • Strengthen your Big Picture Mindset

  • Build your brand to create influence

**  Remote formats available **





Used by Global Companies

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We always start with understanding and tailoring to your needs, pain points and expectations from the sessions. Speak Easy firmly believes in growing your mindset and providing practical tools to strengthen relationships. The online self-reflection tool,  Lumina Spark, measures your strengths and gaps in behaviour & communication.

Our C.A.R.E principles and Personal Brand content give you insights and tools to master clear communication, get productive outcomes and faster buy-in. We give you practical ways to successfully communicate with everyone you meet!

Our Purpose

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* All training can be delivered remotely *

Our mission is to unlock individuals, teams and companies to bring their best selves to the workspace.

Marisa Sarfatti gives you tools to communicate with clarity, create accountability and align your teams and customers. We grow your awareness by connecting you to how your ‘body, mind and soul’ steers the outcomes of your daily interactions. Strengthening your empathy and perspective to create deeper relationships with others.

Connecting human to human and achieving our goals together!

Read What Our Lovely Clients Say...


Roy Adar

SVP Product Manager


I had the pleasure of working with Marisa over the past 2 years. Marisa worked very closely with myself and the leadership team across our Product Management department. Helping us to improve individual skill sets, dealing with increased responsibility, and adapting our managerial style to accommodate for our fast growth pace and larger scale activities.


Shelly Berkowitz

Head of Business Operations


Amazing!!! A must for every organization! Marisa worked with our Global Service Team to improve collaboration, communication & brand our organization with stakeholders. Today, I can share this program helped to improve our communication in the organization, shorten our response time to end customers & improve our employee's engagement score by 20%!


Chad Heatherington

Global VP Professional Services


We have had a great experience! Marisa was great in both working with my individual team members but more importantly providing insight, guidance, and practical steps to elevate the effectiveness of the leadership team as a whole. I appreciate her candor, insight and willingness to challenge the team and push our limits.


Shiri Grosbard

Director of Innovations &

People's Experience


We had an amazing experience with Marisa and her colorful Lumina! We still talk to each other in colors ever since. Highly recommend Marisa who was attentive, patient and has the best shoes :)

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